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Have you suffered an Injury at work, in a public place, a road traffic accident or assault that will leave you with not only pain and suffering but with extensive unplanned expenses? We at Equity Law Chambers have specialist Personal Injury Solicitors who are here to help you get back on your feet by getting you the compensation you deserve with a guarantee of 'no win no fee'.

If you have been the victim of an accident or injury in the last three years and you would like to make a claim, then let our team of specialist Personal Injury Solicitors take care of you. Your specialist and dedicated Personal Injury Solicitor will get you compensation in the shortest period of time, so book a call back now and we will start your claim today. Click here to see their qualifications and experience.

When you choose Equity Law Chambers to represent you, we will explore your options and explain how we can help you personally. We will also provide you with regular updates so you are always aware at what stage your claim is at.

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What am I entitled to claim for?

The amount of compensation you will receive depends on how serious your injury is. We will obtain a report from a medical specialist who will examine you and provide a detailed report setting out the injuries you have suffered, and the effect that this will have on your employment and normal day-to-day life. Depending on the recovery period provided by the medical expert, we will be able to value your claim.

Items of Expense and Loss
You are entitled to claim for any reasonable out of pocket expenses and losses that have been caused directly as a result of the accident. This can include loss of earnings, hire of alternative transport, travelling expenses, damage to clothing and jewellery, medical treatment and prescription charges, loss of earnings, physiotherapy and in the more serious cases, care and adaptation to your property.

What will it cost?

In the majority of cases we will be able to advise you at an early stage as to whether your claim will be successful. We will use our experience and judgement to make to assessment and if we are satisfied that the claim will be successful, we will undertake our work under a Conditional Fee Agreement (No Win, No Fee Agreement).

Under this agreement, in the event that we are unsuccessful in your claim, you will not be required to pay us in respect of our legal costs. In appropriate cases we can also arrange insurance cover to protect you from any liability for the Defendant's costs and any disbursements incurred, thereby giving you peace of mind.

We will explain the various forms of funding available to ensure that you have no risk as to costs associated with your claim. We will make enquiries with your Insurers to see whether legal expense cover is available under your policy of insurance as this may provide an alternative form of cost funding.

How long will my case take?

Each case is different but at Equity Law Chambers, we will deal with your claim as swiftly as possible. We strive to provide you with regular updates, so you are fully aware about the progress of your claim.

Who will my claim be against?

Your claim will be made against the person responsible for your accident. This could be the third party driver, a Local Authority or your employer, depending on the type of accident. The majority of people responsible for causing injury have insurance cover and the Insurers will ultimately be responsible for payment of any damages, either by agreement or by way of court order.

In the case of uninsured or untraced motorists, who have caused death or personal injury, the Motor Insurers Bureau will be responsible for payment of damages. Where an Assault has taken place, the claim will be dealt with by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

When must I make a claim?

It is important to see a Solicitor as soon as possible. Your Solicitor can make early contact with the person responsible, secure evidence, interview witnesses, inspect the accident location and do anything else that is necessary.

The Law provides that court proceedings must be issued in respect of any claim for personal injury within 3 years of the accident, save in exceptional circumstances. In any case involving children, the 3-year period commences on the date of the child's 18th birthday.

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